October Meeting – Nonviolent Communication

Come join us this Wednesday (10:15 until noon at the Yarborough Library) as Bettina Vaello, pediatrician and homeschooling mama, presents the topic of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

NVC is a style of communication initially developed in the 1960’s by Marshall Rosenberg while he was working with civil rights activists, college students, and administrators.  Since then, NVC has been more deeply cultivated and sought out by many who wish to increase their communication and conflict resolution skills, including parents.  Bettina has also created a small non-profit community centered around mindfulness, called the Creative Village Family Centre, and will be happy to share more information on how to get connected to the Centre’s events.

As always, babies, children, and other interested participants are welcome.  Although we meet in a library, snacks are permitted in the library meeting room, so please plan accordingly to meet your and your family’s needs.  We look forward to seeing you!