April 5 Meeting Announcement – Organizing for AP Families

Sonya Fehér of spaceWise Organizing will help you apply the Eight Principles of Attachment Parenting to organizing your home and life. How we organize our space, time, and mind models organizing for kids. How we teach kids to organize and clean up shapes how they feel about those activities. We can do all of these things mindfully and gently so being organized as a family means more peace in your family.

Bio: Sonya Fehér is a Professional Organizer at spaceWise Organizing. She specializes in organizing for families, creatives, homes and home-based business. She helps people create space for how they want to live.   She believes that if you calm your world, you can calm your mind—and vice versa. You can learn more about her at http://spacewiseorganizing.com or like her on FB at https://www.facebook.com/SpaceWiseOrganizing/

Tuesday, April 5

10:15 – Noon

Yarborough Library, 2200 Hancock Drive

As always, babies and children are welcome.  Feel free to bring snacks to meet your or your child(ren)’s needs. We look forward to seeing you!